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the char sits before you. you see reflections in its matte surface, though in no way could it be physical.

♥ Content Guidance This site contains themes of body horror, surrealism, and spiritualism throughout. There exists no animated features on this site, and no auto-played audio. Please take this into consideration before further exploring the site!

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about the site

This is the home of a prk lic gyeides, the collective anf-A.

Known as 200ORIFICE or COLLECTIVE ORIFICE, this site was designed as a central hub for anf-A's projects as well as a generalized, foggy webproject. It will focus on art and writing, but also as a personal blog.

The following are a number of the goals we have in updating the site:

The Curling Wills

Page Additions

WPLUS: Neuetotal Fantasy Series active
A fantasy project which intends to encompass many other projects before it into a singular, cohesive package. Primarily inspired by eccentric and gonzo fantasy, weird fiction, surrealism, maximalism, and danger fantasy. This page would likely be formatted as a sort of wiki.
WMINUS: Project Pift
A setting filled with technological significances in a civilization mostly able to conquer a climate crisis. It primarily focuses on ideas of individuality and perspective. The primary influences on it are weird fiction, eccentric fiction, cold war, pre-cyberpunk, and postmodern realism. This page would likely be formatted as a sort of wiki.
Music Blogging (thrdwll-nyxtime)
A blog that will predominately be gushing about different music.


Rebirth: Flex active
The process of changing everything from whatever style of CSS present now, to CSS Flex. This rebirth will also feature accessibility updates and further optimizations.
Music Player
Having a music player, or maybe a constant radio, would be wonderful to create and place in different sites. It could easily further the distinct aesthetics found within project gate. We have many concerns with adding it though, and will have to test how well they might work with screen readers.
A simple chat, custom made and distinct from the guestbook. It would be really neat if we could make it in the style of a Multi-User Dungeon.
Borders and Panels
More advanced and graphically interesting panels. Currently, the velocity OX is the only element with custom panelling, and it would be lovely to add similar flair to other elements.
Custom Cursor
A cursor with some interesting flair to it, just to further the feel of the site.
Custom Webring Presentation
It would be nice to hybridize aesthetics of webrings that might be featured on 200Orifice. Having their individual aesthetic bleed out into parts of the element, such as into the panel borders, would be a very interesting challenge.
Featured Projects
Adding more featured projects from friends and the unmet would be nice. This, of course, would go into the social realm, and would be useful to have done as soon as possible.
Secret Collectables
Having secret buttons, stamps, or something else entirely hidden on different parts of a handful of pages would be very fun.